3. Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield http://gpsk12.org/virtualschool/virtualschool_home.html

Virtual Schools are schools where students receive 80% or more of their instruction online.
  1. Read the Innovation School Plan and Executive Summary for the Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield in Greenfield, Massachusetts

Essential Schools:

4. Coalition of Essential Schools http://www.essentialschools.org/

  1. The homepage of CES, in the ribbon across the top of the page, click About CES to read "About the Coalition of Essential Schools".
  2. View the video, CES-Building 21st Century Schools.
  3. Read Our Vision, No Two Schools Alike, What We Do, Who We Are (click Theodore R. Sizer), and The CES Common Principles
  4. CES schools in US http://www.essentialschools.org/affiliates?search[order]=&search[type_filter][]=All+affiliates&search[state_id]=22

5. Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School,Devens, MA http://www.parker.org/

  • Open the home page of the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School and click Table of Contents to find Parker blogs/ Arctic Blog. Read a few entries of the summer's trip to the Arctic by 4 students and a teacher.
  • Return to the home page and click Table of Contents to find The Parker Way/ Spring 2009 to read about students' efforts to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina's devastation.
  • Return to the home page and click Table of Contents to find Learn More About Parker/ Ten Common Principles.

Magnet Schools:

Magnet Schools, including Magnet Schools of America at http://www.magnet.edu/ and the Worcester Arts Magnet School at http://www.wpsweb.com/wams/
  • On the MSA home page read the Welcome and on the left hand choices, open About MSA/ read Who We Are
  • On the MSA home page In the right hand choices under News and Updates is The New Civil Rights Project report released- Equity Overlooked: Charter School and Civil Rights. Open Full Report Accessed Here and read the Executive Summary, pages 3-5.
  • On the MSA home page on the left open Newsroom: MSA in the News/ read Magnet School Wins National Competition
  • At the Worcester Arts Magnet School homepage in the left side choices, open Curriculum/ Mathematics and read News 9/15/09- Mass Math & Science Initiative

Expeditionary Learning Schools at http://www.elschools.org/ and The Springfield Renaissance School at http://www.sps.springfield.ma.us/websites/RenaissanceSchool.asp
  • On the ELS home page read all of the tabs and the information included in each: Our Approach, Our Results, Educator Resources, Press Center, About us.
  • Visit The Springfield Renaissance School its url above, open each of the tabs on the left hand ribbon and read about the school and its mission.

Charter Schools:

New York Harbor School Seeks Sea Change In Education

Relocating this school may help everyone learn without fear. Listen to the story.


The school is open on Govenors Island: See what's happening now.


a related story to the New York Harbor School:

What Some Students Face Daily, Other Do Not Students Find Danger Lurks To and From Schoo

NPR's Morning Edition, Nov.23, 2009 Voices of Youth Radio reports about the San Francisco Bay Area's students as they walk to and from school. Listen to: Students Find Danger Lurks To and From School in the list of the day's program reports.

Charter Schools, including the US Charter Schools website at http://www.uscharterschools.org/pub/uscs_docs/index.htm and the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School at http://www.pvpa.org/index.php
  • On the homepage of US Charter Schools open Overview. Read Overview and History.
  • Open Federal Support and read that information.
  • Open the home page of the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School. Choose one of the selections on the boom box radio/stereo on the left side to listen to as you look through the four departments: Music, Dance, Theater, Visual Arts.
  • Open Performances on the top ribbon, choose Performance Videos and view a few.

Dreambox Recognizes 8 Innovative Charter Schools/ Visit any of the award winning schools
Dreambox Learning, an online learning source of individualized math, has a vision of learning success for all students:http://www.dreambox.com/vision

Do you think new Charter Schools for Boston might help the situation described in these news clips?
Boston's most underperforming and most violent schools are in need of change, but how and what to do are the questions.http://www.boston.com/news/education/k_12/articles/2009/11/18/lagging_boston_schools_targeted_for_overhaul_possible_closure/

Charter School Research

Click here for a 2010 New York Times article on research on charter schools.

Click here for a Boston Globe article on charter schools and student achievement.

Dear Mr. President: Students Speak up to President Obama About How to Improve Their Schools

Watch the video on YouTube: //http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M58sNpdX5k0//

Anti-Racist Teaching and Learning
Read the National Council of Teachers of English statement on Anti-Racist Teaching . You do not need to open the links in this report, only read the statement on the page.