Key Topics:

Unique capabilities..............

Learning apps............

Web-based Simulations..............

Rating interactive tools

Technology possesses UNIQUE capabilities for compelling learning.

2. What apps do you use?

Educational uses of twitter and other apps: Bob, Amanda, Jennie

Opener: listing what apps students are using;

who uses Twitter and for what?
Activity: using smart phones and iPads, people preview apps for teaching:

3. Using technology for compelling learning in every curriculum!

Edheads: Activate Your Mind

Stem Cell Replacement

Virtual Hip Replacement
Privacy Playground: The First Adventure of the Three CyberPigs
Allies and Aliens
Nobel Prize Related Games
Stop Disasters Environmental Simulator

game_icon.svg.pngWeb-based Simulations and Serious Games for Learning

For reviews of games, see the website, Playing History
See teacher Jeremiah McCall's blog for background on using simulation games in history classrooms