Explore podcasts, videos, interactive resources of any of the topics below and then write a reflective response answering the questions:

  1. Describe three or more facts or ideas you learned which you had not previously known or you did not know much about.

  2. Explain how what you learned from the resource(s) may affect your teaching, tutoring, or your thinking about school structures.

  3. Describe how your mindset (growth or fixed) was impacted by what you learned as well as your long term curiosity about the topic.

Total the time you are viewing, listening or reading and your writing time. This is total hours to record on your written response as tutoring hours.

  • Poetry

Delicious.com multimodal resource bundle

poetry: not difficult to understand, not dull or boring, ideas and images interactively enjoyed

If the link above does not open, use this:

Click on Tag Bundles at the top of the page to see all tag bundles choices. Click on Poetry Interactive.

  • Race and Racism

Anderson Cooper 360: Kids on Race
In the past few years, studies have been conducted regarding race with both young children (age 6) and older children (middle to high school level). The children were shown several scenarios of a white child and a black child and were asked to interpret and explain what they saw.

Study: Race relations through a child's eyes
Kids on Race: School diversity matters
Kids on Race: Mikayla's story

All of the activities educate why the idea race is an illusion. The human race encompasses all shades of one skin tone, BROWN, not black, not white. Doing all of the activities will take more than one hour. Identify which activities you did when you write your reflection.

  • Gender

These resources explore how and where ideas and beliefs about gender identity are formed, how these beliefs affect our ideas of which jobs we seek and what goals we will pursue. Gender affects our mindsets about what we believe is easy or difficult for us to learn.
Does our concept of gender also impact how we create or define our ideas of beauty?

Thinkspace-Students Creating the Apps of Tomorrow
Which gender is absent? In this exciting concept, inviting all to participate, who is in the video and who is not?

Toys and gender marketing
Where do gender role beliefs begin? Compare the marketing of toys for girls and for boys. Pages load slowly.

Don't segregate boys and girls in classrooms
Single Gender Schools Assailed in Report
Arizona State University, T.Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics, refutes single gender schools.

The Futures Channel
Gender roles in math and science careers are all inclusive on this teaching site using videos for math, science, engineering, and a host of other curricula topics.View Preview (4:53), then click The Futures Channel logo in the top left corner of the screen to view the week's Featured Movies.

A subscriber can view all of the movies on this channel and each has lesson plans and worksheets for students to do. View an example of ALL of these features by clicking The Starshade link below. Click on the blue live links under Hands-On Math/Science Activity and Algebra in the Real World Activities.
The Starshade

  • Multicultural Schools

Schools of the future must be invested in each student as an important person whose future depends on how the schools teach, think, respond. Visit these schools by opening each link.

Learn about New York's Harbor School located first in Bushwick Brooklyn before its move and afterwards situated on Governers island in the bay:

Sea Change in Education: New York's Harbor School

Open ABOUT: MISSION/ HISTORY/ LOCATION/ PRESS to learn about the school.
New York Harbor School on Govenors Island

Classroom on the Water

In Bronx River, Helping Oysters Stage Comback

High Tech High School,San Diego, CA

High Tech High School: About

Videos by students & teachers
Find Jay Vavra, Amgen National Science Teacher of the Year

Alphabet Soup: The A-Z of Cell Biology

Black Holes: A Children's Book

New Technology High Schools


New Technology High School: About

Videos by students & teachers

I Am What I Learn: Troy Simon

An Amazing Turnaround, Warren, N.C.

KQED's report for Groundbreaking Schools