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TEAMS Tutoring In Schools


This course fulfills a pedagogy requirement for the Education MinorWe partner with Student Employment and Five College America Reads/Counts ProgramThis online public wiki is the class techbook; we have no textbook.

Weekly class meetings Tuesdays 4-6:30 p.m

Weekly 4-5 hrs tutoring at a scheduled time for 10 weeks throughout the semester.

Weekly assignments due each class with a review of weekly tutoring hours.

Tutoring Strategies and Scenarios


Students and Schools

Transforming Learning for All Students

America Reads/Counts

This course works in partnership with the Five College America Reads/Counts Program

Service Learning
This course is designated a Service-Learning (SL) course.
Service-Learning is an approach to teaching that engages students in a mutually beneficial relationship with the local communities to enhance the academic and civic learning experience and benefit the community. The community-based work is defined in response to a need or aspiration presented by one or more partnering community organizations and for which core issues of impact, sustainability and reciprocity have been addressed. The course also includes preparation of students for service, engages the students in reflection on the service and assesses the student learning as well as the community impact.

Civic Engagement and Public Service

This course meets two requirements for the University's Civic Engagement Public Service Certificate.

  • SL (Service Learning Praxis) where the course connects the classroom and the larger world through service learning with a substantial civic engagement orientation.
  • DP (Diverse Publics) where the course conducts an in-depth exploration of different constituencies in contemporary American society; specifically public schools.

Service-Learning at UMass Amherst is supported by UMass Civic Engagement and Service-Learning (CESL). UMass CESL promotes learning for life-long, engaged citizenship, partnering with communities on and off campus to work collectively for a more just society.

Open Educational Resources

This course participates in the University's Open Educational Resources initiative. All materials used in the course are freely available online.

Read about the teaching methods used in TEAMS Tutoring in Schools from the Journal of Educators Online (January, 2014).

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TEAMS tutoring hours log template

Podcasts to listen to while driving to and back from schools:Choose episodes of these and write a report on your learning.TED Radio Hour NPRScience Friday NPRFresh Air NPR

Weather closing, delays and cancellations