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Goodreads allows you to keep track of all the books you have read, want to read, or would like to keep track of for future reference. You can enter the book in by title, author, or ISBN number and it pulls up the cover of the book, a brief summary, and other people's opinion of the book along with much more.

This link takes you directly to Sharon's Delicious page, Shelfy. With this website you can keep track of any website you find that is of interest to you. The websites are categorized by the tags you give them, whether it be math, special education or the Boston Red Sox, it is all determined by how you want to organize them.

Gateway to history resources for teachers and students: books, websites, pictures, paintings, maps, movie clips, timelines, games for learning, multicultural resources, history standards for every grade level, and more.

These awards, given annually for almost 30 years, cite the best examples of learning materials in many categories, including websites and DVDs.

The Webby Awards awarded annually, one designated as best by the Webby judges, the other by people voting. A huge variety of categories,these sites offer access to the best new ideas. Search in the categories for something you are interested in, music, or that you are teaching, science.

The series, 7 Things You Should Know About... by EDUCAUSE informs about new technologies and how to use them in 2 page tutorials that address the 7 most important aspects of the new technology for learning.

Project Tomorrow's goal is to encourage, students, teachers and administrators to speak their mind about current issues in education through surveys, videos, and more. There are vast amounts of services provided by this website, a few including presentations, webinars, and even budget planning.

Edutopia provides educators with the tools they need for just about anything. Edutopia believes that there are six Core Concepts that will help students succeed in public schools; along with giving descriptions of each they provide activities, video clips and articles that will help you incorporate the Core Concepts into your classroom.

Khan Academy is a free online resource site that open to everyone. Khan Academy has a number of domains that take learners step by step through the lessons, including math, history, chemistry, and more.